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The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Monday, March 06, 2006

Recovering Nicely

Pooie, back home where she belongs.

Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes, and a special thanks to the VCA Animal Care Hospital in Bloomington, MN and Dr. Ralph Weichselbaum.

She's on heart medication temporarily, but if all goes well she'll be off the drugs and testing normal on her thyroid levels by May.

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Anonymous sounded off...

Welcome home, sweet Pooie


frightwig sounded off...

Ah, the little sweetie! Glad to hear she's doing better, and see her resting well.

Anonymous sounded off...

I'm in the process of having my dear kitty (looks like Pooie) go to the thyroid clinic. Is this what Pooie had? I am sooo nervous about it. What are your thoughts on it? Jan

Third Base Line sounded off...

Pooie has/had hyperthyroidism. It's (usually) caused by benign tumors on the thyroid glands, which overstimulate the glands and cause production of excess hormones. I was told that nearly 25% of middle-aged female cats develop this condition! The good news is that since it's so common, they've got a very good treatment for it.

Pooie is doing very well since her radioiodine treatment. She's gained weight and her coat is becoming very glossy again. And I honestly think the time away from home was harder on us than on her! She bonded very well with the wonderful folks at the clinic.

It's so great to see her healthier and happier that it was definitely worth all the expense and worry. She's having her hormone levels and heart checked again in a couple of weeks, and if they're all normal we can all get back to normal.

Anonymous sounded off...

Thanks third base. I took my Abby in and she had the procedure. Got her home last Saturday. She is doing great. No more vomiting. She goes back in 4 weeks for another ultrsound (I think) a T4 and profile and if all is well we are done. Whew. Thank you for answering. I am so happy we did it. Jan

Amy sounded off...

third base line,
Just came across your blog. I was researching Dr. Ralph. He told me he had some things published. My almost 11 year old female, Newman, is going in on Thursday for her treatment. I'm so glad to hear a success story specifically linked to Dr. Ralph. I'm really impressed with him and look forward to my own success story! Thanks for the encouraging information from your experience.