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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Avast! Thar Be Critters!

So, TBL has gone a wee bit wacko with the Critter knitting. Here we see Captain Jack Critter, terror of the end table. To make Cap'n Jack a reality, TBL had to figure out how to knit him a tricorn. Uncharacteristically, she wrote it down as she went! So...the pattern.

Critter Tricorn
(probably suitable for any toy with a roundish head)

When making this for a Critter, use the same weight of yarn and needle size as you used for the Critter. When making it for other toys, calculate gauge and act accordingly. TBL used Wool Ease Worsted on size 6 (4.00 mm) needles.

abbreviations: M1p - make one purlwise (check here for a simple tutorial)

CO 6 st, join in round.

1. KFB around -- 12 st
2. (KFB, K1) around -- 18 st
3. (KFB, K2) around -- 24 st
4. K around
5. (KFB, K3) around -- 30 st
6. K around
7. (KFB, K4) around -- 36 st
8. K around
9. (KFB, K5) around -- 42 st
10. K around
12-16: (K1, P1) around
17: K around
18: (P1, M1p, P7) around --54 st
19: (P1, M1p, P8) around --60 st
20: P around
21: (P1, M1p, P7) around --66 st
22: (P1, M1p, P8) around --72 st
23: P around
24: (P1, M1p, P7) around --78 st
25: (P1, M1p, P8) around --84 st
26: P around
27: (P1, M1p, P7) around --90 st
28: (P1, M1p, P8) around --96 st
29: P around
30: K around
31: P around
32: K around

Bind off purlwise. Weave in ends. Using short lengths of same yarn or matching thread, tack brim to crown at three equidistant points. Place on Critter. Terrify nearby Critters.

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Whiskey Liz sounded off...

Me thinks me might try one for meself! For last day o' shore leave.
Mayhaps even in stripes!

Anonymous sounded off...


Jamie sounded off...

I am trying to knit your lovely tricorne and having a spot of trouble with the pattern. I normally think of myself as an experience knitter, but am quite humbled here.
The link you included for a tutorial on the M1p increase is broken, so I googled it myself. The instructions I find are clear enough, it makes one purlwise, twisting the lifted stitch so as not to leave a hole. However, the pattern says that if I do it 6 times in one round the number of stitches will increase by 12. Is there another version of this increase only available in that broken link? I can't think how to get two increases out of this M1p. I've tried to adapt and think of how I would do it myself if it were my pattern, but it's late and I'm failing to come up with a satisfactory solution. Can you help? This knitter would be very grateful.