"Let us go forth a while, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our closed rooms...
The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Third Base Line Glossary

TBL: Third Base Line, the person. As opposed to Third Base Line, the blog.

Baby Jesus: Joe Mauer.

Bankees: the Yankees.

Bubble: the Metrodome.

Casa Liberales: TBL's home.

'Cisco: Francisco Liriano.

En Fuego: the state of being so incredibly good at baseball that the sight makes TBL all swoony. Most often applied to Johan Santana.

Fourth Pew, Center (aka FPC): TBL's mother, proprietress of the blog Fourth Pew, Center (natch).

Go-Go: Carlos "Zoom!" Gomez

Infield: TBL's nom de plume when posting on BatGirl.

Jughead: Adam Everett.

Ladies of Tortuga: the Ladies of Tortuga Knitting and Keelhauling Society, which encompasses most of TBL's female friends.

Landed Gentry: the Royals.

Levellers, aka Levs: BEST. BAND. EVER.

Little Grey Box O' Gloom: TBL's cubicle.

Mr. TBL (ancient posts only): TBL's ex.

Native American Stereotypes: the Indians.

Pirates: usually refers to the members of the Bloodwake Pirates re-enactment group, which encompasses most of TBL's friends. (See also: Ladies of Tortuga.)

Puckhead: TBL's hockey-lovin' Canadian buddy.

Smirking Bastard: Derek Jeter.

Sucking: the state of being so incredibly bad at baseball that the sight makes TBL develop involuntary twitches.

Tall Socks (also "socks the right way"): the wearing of a baseball uniform in the only proper manner, i.e., with the socks and pants meeting just below the knee.

The Company: TBL's employer.

Tolie and Pooie: TBL's fat, lazy, cranky feline companions.

Whine Sox (also "Wind Sox"): the Chicago White Sox.

Young Brad Radke/Young Master Radke: Kevin Slowey.

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