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The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Giambi Used Steroids

ABC News: Report: Giambi Testified He Used Steroids: "SAN FRANCISCO Dec 2, 2004 -- New York Yankees slugger Jason Giambi injected himself with human growth hormone in 2003 and also used steroids for at least three seasons, according to his grand jury testimony reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle.
The testimony given in December 2003 to the federal grand jury investigating BALCO contradicts Giambi's public proclamations that he never used performance-enhancing drugs.
Giambi described how he injected human growth hormone in his stomach, testosterone into his buttocks, rubbed an undetectable steroid knows as 'the cream' on his body and placed drops of another, called 'the clear,' under his tongue, the Chronicle reported on its Web site Wednesday night."

Who's surprised? Anyone? No?

Yeah, me either. Except maybe that he admitted it.

Those of you who have discussed the issue of steriods in baseball with me before know that I consider the MLB's anti-steroid program to be a bit lenient. Dare I say, impotent. I may have even at some points have questioned whether it encouraged rather than discouraged steroid use. There was quite possibly some swearing involved.

But I will put the question to you, dear readers. What should be done to players who are found to have repeatedly used steriods?

A) Forfeit of all performance bonuses paid and 30% of salary earned during all seasons in which steriods were used. Name to be stripped from the record books for any personal or team records or championships achieved in those seasons. Banned from any future participation in All-Star Game and playoffs.
B) Public flogging by the team mascot.
C) Public flogging by a division rival team's mascot.
D) Public flogging by the fans.
E) Must play next two seasons using lead-cored bats and gloves, for minor-league minimum salary.
F) Pictures of their sad, shrunken testicles to be shown on Jumbotron whenever they come to bat.
G) All of the above.
H) Other (please describe).

2 rejoinders:

Third Base Line sounded off...

Mr. Third Base Line says:

H) Other.

Must switch-hit off a tee with a wiffle bat while wearing a tiara.

Fourth pew, center sounded off...

Hey, back up -- I'm still baffled over the reference to MLB's anti-steriod program.
They have one?