"Let us go forth a while, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our closed rooms...
The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Friday, July 15, 2005

It Begins

Welcome to the second half!

Okay, so it didn't get off on a very good note, with the Twins dropping an early lead to lose 3-2 to the Angels last night. The good news is they lost against a good lefty, it was a close game and, well, it wasn't exactly our ace up there. Not that Lohse isn't better this year, but...yeah. It's Lohse. There's always a three-run inning, you know?

The bright spots of the evening were Bret Boone's Minnesota debut (no hits, but wow, does he throw bullets or what?), an excellent-except-for-that-one-inning start by Kyle Lohse, and an unassisted double play by Matthew LeCroy at first base (yes, you read that correctly).

And now, TBL's random suggestions for improving what's left of the season:

  • Say it with me, folks: A HITTING COACH!
  • Double plays--let's turn more than we ground into, hmmm?
  • Three AL pitching staffs have given up more home runs than ours. Tampa Bay, Toronto, and Seattle. Ouch. Keep it in the park, boys.
  • Being eleventh in the league in runs scored isn't helping.
  • It would be really, really nice to have more than one regular (Mauer) hitting over .300. Or near .300, even.
  • Our pitching staff leads the AL in complete games and fewest walks allowed. Keep it up!
  • Stability at third base. Just pick someone, already! (My vote's with Punto.)
  • Oh, Canada! This team needs Justin Morneau on an extended hot streak, and soon.
  • Trade for a starter, or at least to free a slot for Baker. We've got Lohse, Mays and about five excess ML-ready infielders to mix and match for a deal.
  • Three words: daily bunting clinics.
  • Three more words: win close games.

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