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The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Clean Bill of Health

Well, we got the results of Pooie's post-treatment tests, and it's all good news. She's gained two and a half pounds since she came home from the hospital. Her hyperthyroidism and her heart murmur are both gone. She's off all her medications and her heart, liver and kidney readings are all smack in the middle of the normal range. As her doctor said: as far as her body is concerned, none of this ever happened. The recurrence rate after this treatment is less than one percent, and there is no impact on the patient's expected lifespan.

Look upon my perfection, mortals.

Once more, thanks to everyone out there for your good wishes and support, and to the staff at the VCA Animal Care Hospital in Richfield. Also a big, huge thanks to Dr. Ralph Weichselbaum, DVM, a veterinary radiation therapy specialist who has successfully treated hundreds, perhaps thousands, of cats with this condition via non-invasive radioiodine therapy.

And to all you who are owned by cats (you know it's not the other way around!), just a reminder of some of the symptoms of feline hyperthyroidism, which usually strikes cats over 7: weight loss, hyperactivity, rough or thin coat, accelerated pulse, nervousness, hyperventilating or panting under stress. A thyroid level test is under $50. If you suspect your cat might, just might, have this condition, take them to the vet. It is curable. Not just treatable, but curable.

And isn't that a miracle?

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