"Let us go forth a while, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our closed rooms...
The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Friday, June 01, 2007

Series Wrapup and Looking Ahead

Twins 10, Whine Sox 4
Twins 9, Whine Sox 2
Twins 7, Whine Sox 6

Since being swept by Cleveland (TBL still winces at the memory) the Twins have won four straight series and 5 of 6 games in the homestand. As fun as it was to beat the Brewers, the Blue Jays and the Rangers, this last series, the sweep, takes the cake.

In the first game, the Twins banged out sixteen hits and took six walks on their way to giving that towering inferno of lefthanded might, Johan "En Fuego" Santana, ten runs of support. They fell behind briefly in the top of the sixth, 3-4; fired up by the umpires' failure to act after Chicago's Contreras beaned two Twins batters and Pierzynski stepped on our MVP's foot while crossing the bag on a groundout, they stormed back in the bottom of the inning for five runs and shut the Sox down the rest of the way.

The second game featured Twins Territory waiting with bated breath for Boof "BOOF!" Bonser to get in a beanball or two of his own. Alas, Boof was feeling rather less bloodthirsty than his fans (or perhaps he simply can't afford the fines), and chose to extract his revenge by pitching 6 2/3 innings and striking out six (Jim Thome, twice!) while allowing only two runs. Justin "Boom-Boom Stick" Morneau thumbed his nose at the Whiny City crew by blasting a two-run homer and two doubles on the night, for a total of four RBI.

But the third game...what can TBL say? It was perfection. The glory of strolling down to the Dome on a lovely sunny afternoon with a good friend when the rest of the world was at work. The comforting security of knowing the series was already won when the Twins fell behind 6-1. The delight of the three-run third, pulling our boys to within two. The scoreless excellence of Jason "Rookie" Miller, Matt "Ol' Reliable" Guerrier, Pat "Lunatic Bunny" Neshek and Joe "Twitchy" Nathan (all in relief of Scott "Sorry, My Bad" Baker) immobilizing the Sox for six straight innings. The hilarity of seeing the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth via a walk, an error, an infield single, and two pitching changes. The unholy glee of the two-out, bases-loaded walk to Torii "Free-Swinging" Hunter. The unparalleled joy of the first Twins' sweep of the Sox since 2004.

And let's not forget the gratification of passing the Sox in the standings. Whoop!

(Topping off the perfect afternoon, TBL and her friend had themselves a nice cocktail and then went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End, which was huge amounts of fun. Stay for the scene after the credits!)

One wonders why this isn't getting more national press, but during the homestand Luis Castillo added five games to his ML-record errorless streak at 2nd base, now up to 138 games (the previous record, held by Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg, was 123), and celebrated the one-year anniversary of his last error on May 29th.

And the good times, they keep on comin'. Dust off the Mr. Coffee, friends and neighbors, and put out the chips and salsa, because Kevin Slowey is making his major-league debut as the Twins' starting pitcher tonight at 9 pm CDT in Oakland. TBL is all fired up for this one!

Slowey's line in Rochester (AAA):



Probables - Minnesota @ Oakland

6/1, 9:05:
Kevin Slowey, RHP (0-0, -.--) vs. Joe Kennedy, LHP (1-4, 3.62)

6/2, 8:05:
Carlos Silva, RHP (3-5, 4.22) vs. Joe Blanton, RHP (4-3, 4.28)

6/3, 3:05:
Johan Santana, LHP (6-4, 3.21) vs. Chad Gaudin, RHP (5-1, 2.32)

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Fourth pew, center sounded off...

I had the joy of listening to the game at the office. All pretence of "work" came to an end when Torii stepped up to the plate.
Fortunately, my boss (a) was out of town, and (b)is a baseball fan anyway.
Just the perfect ending for the Whine Sox.