"Let us go forth a while, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our closed rooms...
The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Quote of the Month

"Elsewhere, Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell vetoed a bill that would have made English the official language of the city, saying that it would have discouraged President Bush from visiting."
--the Borowitz Report, 02/12/2007

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TwinsJunkie sounded off...

Haha Beth, I was looking on Baseball-Reference.com and saw that you have Scott Baker's page sponsored until 2022. I asked it to alert me when that expired.

Third Base Line sounded off...

That's not me, TJ. :D

Anonymous sounded off...

email me at tainnisATgmail.com
I need to ask you something and I don't think I will make SnB tonight at Dunn Bros