"Let us go forth a while, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our closed rooms...
The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Monday, March 26, 2007

If I Were the Manager...

...which I'm not (for a number of excellent reasons such as having gotten approximately two hits in my entire multi-season summer softball league career, and a number of not so excellent reasons, such as the lack of a Y chromosome), I would be prepared to be rather more decisive than Gardy right now.

Twins roster moves loom:
"With six games remaining in spring training, Gardenhire said he would like to make final roster decisions in the next two or three days.
He'll need to decide whether Carlos Silva or Matt Garza will make the rotation;

GARZA. For the love of Bart Giamatti, make it Garza. I still think Silva can regain his form, but it's now apparent that he most likely won't be doing it in the next week.

Dear readers, do any of you happen to know if we still have any options on Silva, or will we have to stuff him in the bullpen?

who the backup shortstop will be; whether the team needs to make a trade to fill that need;

More on that in a minute...

whether pitching prospect J.D. Durbin will make the team or be exposed to waivers;

I'm gonna go with waivers, on account of his ERA is higher than the GDP of some countries. And yet, still lower than Silva's...

and whether the team will carry 11 or 12 pitchers.

That depends on Silva's options situation. If he's got an option left, send him to Rochester to work things out, and carry the usual 11. If we have to put him in the bullpen, carry 12.

Luis Rodriguez and Jeff Cirillo, neither a natural shortstop, have started two of the Twins' last three games at shortstop. The closer the Twins get to the regular season, the more Gardenhire speaks of Rodriguez as a viable option as a backup shortstop, even though Rodriguez lacks ideal range.

'He can play shortstop,' Gardenhire said. 'He'll catch the ball and make the right plays.'

Cirillo, 37, never started a game at shortstop in the big leagues until the Brewers used him there last season."

My understanding is that Cirillo has made the team. If there's an extra bench spot open, by all means, keep L-Rod too. The kid's done pretty well for us the last couple of years. I'm not sure why management is so down on him. He hits fine for a backup infielder, and he's a good fielder. What more do they want?

As far as a trade goes, I wouldn't trade just for a backup shortstop. Unless...do you suppose we could get one for JD Durbin?

And, on a lighter note, I'd just like to point out to everyone that the Whine Sox are 9-18 in spring training. Judging by the stats, they're hitting just fine but their pitching is execrable.

It might not count, but it sure does make me smile!

2 rejoinders:

twayn sounded off...

Silva would have to accept any minor league assignment if the club decides to send him down. His contract gives him the right to refuse a minor league assignment, but that would be foolhardy considering the thin ice he's on. But you know that Gardy and TR will bring him north due to his $4.35 million contract. He'll stink up the joint for 5 or 6 starts, then they'll bring up Garza.

Third Base Line sounded off...

I fear you are correct, sir. The thing that gets me is, it sounds like he's really having some issues with temper and/or anxiety. Coming north and repeatedly being godawful in front of 20,000-35,000 people is NOT going to help that. And that, in its turn, is NOT going to help his pitching. It's the JC Romero syndrome, we've seen it before!