"Let us go forth a while, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our closed rooms...
The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Twins 6, Satan 2

Unless this is one of your first reads here at Third Base Line, you are aware that TBL thinks the world would be a much better place if a flying saucer swept up the Yankees for a bit of festive probing and accidentally deposited them on a planet with an inhospitable atmosphere afterwards. (If they could grab the Executive Branch while they're down here, that would be keen. But TBL digresses.)

So if there's one thing better than beating the Yankees, it's beating the Yankees at Yankee Stadium, where every freakin' call goes their way. Suffice it to say that TBL firmly believes that the player salaries aren't the only big bucks Georgie-Porgie is flinging about. Beating them courtesy of home runs by a guy with no knees and a utility infielder who has only a passing acquaintance with the Mendoza line is particularly sweet.

For those of you who missed Monday's game, while the Bankees were up by several runs a certain Bankee whose name rhymes with PayRod shoved Justin Morneau (who only days before had been coughing up blood after a collision at the plate) in the back as he fielded a throw, knocking Justin onto his keister at great risk of re-injuring him and getting the safe call for himself. Mr. Sportsmanship then proceeded to wail about a tweaked hammy and get himself escorted off the field to the sounds of solemn applause. (Only if you have a very, VERY strong stomach should you read this.)

TBL regrets to report that one of her cats still has not come out from under the bed after the swearing and throwing of objects which this dastardly display engendered. On the other hand, TBL is extremely pleased to report that Justin is fine (no thanks to He Who Shall One Day Reap What He Has Sown), and that CyTana shut the jackass down yesterday.

Also, Pat Neshek struck out the Smirking Bastard (Bankee shortstop), which was both hilarious and deeply satisfying. Did you see the look on his face? Eat your heart out, MasterCard--THAT was priceless!

This afternoon, Kevin Slowey faces Kei Igawa as the Twins go for the split. TBL is not normally the praying type, but Young Master Slowey will be receiving whatever sort of holy vibes she can muster.

5 rejoinders:

Baseball_Lipgloss sounded off...

Oh man, I shouldn't have clicked on that link. I think I threw up in my mouth a little. What a self-serving article about A-Rod.

By the way, I am very fond of your Jeter nickname, very fond indeed.

k-bro sounded off...

There is much wringing of hands and wrinkling of foreheads over at ESPN regarding Mr. Rod's availability for the All-Star Game. It's quite repellent.


Anonymous sounded off...


*knits a few more rows of Cardinal red and white on her scarf*

Love the nicknames for the evil pin-striped ones. In fact, I root for 1. the Cards (natch) and 2. anyone who plays that evil NY American League team.

WTG, Twins!

kismatt down the river in STL

Third Base Line sounded off...

Jen & k-bro,

Well, perhaps if PayRod has to miss the All-Star game he'll learn not to shove reigning MVPs with bruised lungs in the back! Karma. *nod*


I once saw a t-shirt that said "My two favorite teams are the [I forget which team] and whoever's playing the Yankees."

So true. So very true.

Tricia sounded off...

I also love your nickname for Jeter. It's beautiful.