"Let us go forth a while, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our closed rooms...
The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Two Out of Three, Etcetera


Looks like a certain team remembered what those big sticks are for. Also, those weird leather things that look kind of like hands. And where the strike zone is. And how it's only funny if your guy hits the ball out of the park.

Sure, we were all hoping for the sweep. We were all hoping Scott Baker would pitch the complete game on Saturday (TBL will never quite understand why he wasn't allowed to). But we all know that with the way these guys were playing the last couple of weeks, winning one game against the resurgent Brewers would have been good. Winning two and staying close in the third was practically a miracle.

'Course, it turns out that Dennys Reyes gave up the winning run at least in part because that problematic shoulder flared up again, a fact of which both he and the trainers who knew about it failed to inform the manager. Who would not have put him in a tie game if he had known.

Now, that's enough to drive an honest fan crazy, it really is, but TBL is going to curse the name, person, and ancestry of Reyes tomorrow. Tomorrow is soon enough to worry about Crain's absence, Reyes' shoulder, Ortiz's 11.74 May ERA, Santana's lack of run support, the generalized streakiness of Twins hitting, Castillo's knees and the deeper meaning of the infield fly rule. Tomorrow is soon enough, because Mondays suck anyway.

Tonight is the time to luxuriate in the first series win since April. Yes, April. It really has been that long. And to remember that the Twins actually beat a lefty starter on Friday. So enjoy, fellow Twins fans. Savor it. And if you have some time on your hands and a spiritual turn of mind, praying probably wouldn't hurt.

Up next: Twins at Rangers

5/21, 7:05
Carlos Silva, RHP (2-4, 3.56) vs. Vicente Padilla, RHP (1-6, 5.77)

5/22, 7:05
Johan Santana, LHP (4-4, 3.26) vs. Kameron Loe, RHP (1-3, 6.21)

5/23, 1:05
Boof Bonser, RHP (2-1, 3.91) vs. Robinson Tejeda, RHP (4-3, 4.53)

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