"Let us go forth a while, and get better air in our lungs. Let us leave our closed rooms...
The game of ball is glorious."

--Walt Whitman

Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Game in Fragmentary Reflections

So I have this notebook that rides around in my game bag. I use it to jot down notes, impressions, odd phrases that occur to me, whatever. I often refer to it when blogging a home game. This morning, preparatory to this post, I read through what I'd recorded and decided I liked it pretty well, with a few minor additions and corrections.


  • One of the best arguments for a new stadium is the possibility of building a bigger, better plaza. Can't hear myself think by Famous Dave's. Have stepped on at least five people's feet, and others have avenged them.
  • The tribute to Bob Casey was beautiful and moving. I loved how they played his signature announcement. Noooooooooo smoking in the Metrodome!

  • 1st inning:
  • One run in, one man out. I thought Silva broke the First Inning Curse?

  • 2nd inning:
  • El Duque's palette of arm angles paints a bewildering picture for the Twins' righthanded batters.

  • 3rd inning:
  • It is an immutable law of baseball that whenever a commentator remarks upon their team's pitcher having retired a string of so many hitters, the guy at the plate will promptly get a base hit. So shut up already, Gordo.

  • 4th inning:
  • When your pitcher is one ball away from loading the bases with one out in a tie game, witnessing the execution of a textbook around-the-horn double play takes on the flavor of a religious experience.

  • 5th inning:
  • Let's remember to use our infield arms, Michael.
  • The guy behind us doesn't know nearly as much about baseball as he thinks he does, and is intent on letting everyone within ten rows know it.

  • 6th inning:
  • Dammit, Kyle! Stop spinning the Wheel of Suck!

  • 7th inning:
  • Who are these people, and what have they done with our "new and improved offense"?

  • 8th inning:
  • Hey, look--AJ still spins around and bounces like a demented bunny when he swings and misses.
  • "Hermanson can't pitch!" sez the dumb loud guy behind us. We're supposed to believe someone who got drunk off MGD Light?

  • 9th inning:
  • At what point did Gardy decide he was only going to use our most questionable and/or inexperienced pitchers at our home opener against our biggest rivals???
  • Will it be safe to read the Twins Fan Forum tomorrow, or will it be overrun with Whine Sox trolls...?

  • Postgame:
  • The fireworks outside the Dome almost make up for the immense suckitude inside.

  • Great quotes from the Strib the next morning:
  • "When Twins righthander Kyle Lohse headed into the sixth inning Friday with the score tied, it seemed like an accomplishment.
    When he walked off the mound four batters into the inning, it looked a lot like last season."
    --LaVelle E. Neal
  • "The fans' attention drifted away early, leading the season's first wave while the White Sox were batting in the top of the fourth.
    So, it's official: In the year 2005 A.D., a baseball crowd at the HHH Metrodome remains the only group of humans on the planet who still find high hilarity in a wave."
    --Patrick Reusse
  • 1 rejoinders:

    frightwig sounded off...

    I can say, having seen the Wave roll around Fenway with great enthusiasm when I visited in Sept. 2000, that the Boston fans still enjoyed that ritual as late as 4+ years ago. Winning a World Series since then may have made them too sophisticated for such rube foolishness, though.

    I felt disappointed in the fans' reaction to AJ. Why were you booing, people? I don't care about whether people enjoy the Wave. Booing AJ Pierzynski upon his return to the Metrodome, now that makes Twins fans look like rubes.